As a construction company that has been operating in Nigeria for close to fifteen years, Avocent Construction was going through a major Human Capital restructure and was in search of a business consulting company that would manage the process, hire new staff and train the entire team on the new HR policies and standards formulated for the business continuity.

As a luxury bespoke construction company with its Management resident outside of Nigeria, Avocent Construction aim to build a company in Nigeria that will compete with its other branches located in Canada and the UK. Although they had been in existence for a good number of years, they knew that they required proper business management services from a company that would represent their interest in the country and lead them towards achieving growth and expansion of the company.

People management and improvement strategies results in business growth for a construction company.

Avocent Limited
Recruitment, Training, Human Resources Structuring – Policies, standards, procedures.


As the CEO of Avocent Construction, Mrs. Theodora’s need was to restructure the company’s Human Resources department and recruit the required staff as well as train them on the newly formulated policies and procedures.

“We run a very well-structured business model located in three different parts of the world. However, we understand the Nigerian market is different and are seeking a Business Consulting firm to manage our affairs on our behalf as well as ensure the right set of people are working to achieve the company’s goals and objectives”.

The construction industry is one that requires individuals with high level of integrity and strong personal values to ensure being of recommendable character when dealing with contractors and vendors and who at the same time possesses ownership mentality as regards the company as a whole. This is of high relevance as the management team resides outside the country and only come into town once or twice a financial year.

“Although we have been in existence for a good number of years, we understand the needs of our business and the high profiles of our clientele and therefore require a consulting company that understands these factors to work closely with us to ensure we have the right people on board, the right policies and they are equipped with the right skills to deliver optimally at all times to ensure we constantly stand out as we serve our niche market”


The Principal Business Consultant at Elvaridah had an initial discovery meeting with the CEO of the business to discuss its history, restructure needs and human capital needs at the time.

We understood the business was aimed at providing bespoke luxury homes for its clients in the most prestigious parts of the city. The business owners though not resident in Nigeria, have successful built a network of clientele based on their reputation and have always delivered excellent service through the provision of their services.

“We came across your company on Linkedin and set up an online discovery call with the team to understand what our needs were and what we required from Elvaridah at the time. After the first meeting, one of our partners came into the country few months later and kick-started the work-process with the company”.

Our HR, recruitment and training services fall under our structuring plan and requires intense knowledge of the company in terms of history and core values, its management as well as the staff needs at the time to enable the business achieve its set goals and objectives.

To get started, we reviewed the current business system by reviewing the business plan and appraisals of the current staff to understand the quality of existing staff and recommend strategic staff solutions. We built the HR system to work in conjunction with the business system, staff grades and also found a balance between international and local HR policies. From our assessment of the staff, we also realized the training needs of the staff and outlined recommended trainings per department for optimum performance.

The staff was instructed to re-apply into the organization and submit required credentials, which were verified alongside their guarantors and references to ensure that the company has accurate and up-to date information about its staff. This was thoroughly checked out and delivered to the management for reference purposes.

We built a questionnaire for the management team to enable us establish their values, ideologies and personal traits to aid us in determining the quality of persons who would fit within the organization. With this information, we were able to build a recruitment structure for the organization with key characteristics per role, personality types and personal values required to work within the organization.

With this new Human Resource system, we were able to articulate the employment requirements of the organization, organize their background checks, build new policies as well as recruit the required number of personnel for the organization.


The Elvaridah team worked to ensure the HR system included all the desired deliverables by the management and was specific to their industry bearing in mind their core-values and the holistic vision of the business and its owners.

We documented this on a Word and PDF document and also printed out a hard copy for reference purposes. All the information from the background checks was also filed manually and electronically.

We also engaged in trainings for the new and already existing staff as the entire team went through an induction process to ensure that the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the company are imbibed in the staff and that they clearly understood the culture of the organization. We also built periodic appraisal templates, assessment tests, promotion and training needs for all members of the organization.

We still continue to manage the business to ensure their staff needs are always met and constantly train the staff to ensure they perform at their peak to ensure high productivity and increased profitability for the organization.

“Elvaridah understands our needs as a company and we appreciate the fact that they manage our business even though we are based majorly outside the country. We are always excited about their work as well as their passion for the growth and success of our company. We understood that we needed that external management and enforcement and we are elated that Elvaridah does that and so much more for us, concluded Theodora.