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We are certain that there are a lot of successful businesses which never get started or do not stand the test of time because they are not stirred up in the right direction, built on the right strategies or implemented by the right people.

Thursday Managerial Strategies
Business Entrepreneur

Managerial Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth | Empowerment, Innovation, & Adaptability

In the landscape of modern business, sustainable growth isn’t just about expansion; it’s about nurturing an ecosystem that thrives over time. To achieve this, managerial strategies play a pivotal role in not ju...

Talent Drive 2024 Redefines Recruitment
Business Recruitment Startup

Talent Drive 2024 Redefines Recruitment

In the quest for exceptional talent, the future belongs to those who dare to redefine the rules of recruitment. Enter Talent Drive 2024—an event that isn’t just a gathering; it’s a transformation in...

Land Your Dream Job
Business Entrepreneur Startup

Land Your Dream Job: The Hidden Advantages of Attending Job Fairs

Tade, a graduate of one of Nigeria’s prestigious universities, has been navigating a job market that undervalues his qualifications and expertise, leaving him underpaid in a challenging economic climate. ...

unemployment images
Business News & Events

Solving the Unemployment Problem with Talent Drive

Have you ever found yourself eager to display your talents, hoping to catch the attention of recruiters with your skills? In a world where talent is abundant but opportunities are not always easily accessible, ...

Business Entrepreneur Startup

Is It Possible To Relocate And Still Have A Functional Business In Nigeria?

It isn’t news that a lot of Nigerians have emigrated. This year alone, the ‘japa’ trend has impacted a lot of businesses. It has even become a thing that if you haven’t emigrated, or you...

Entrepreneur Startup Success Stories

Why Performance Management is Essential For Your Company’s Growth

Measuring the growth of your business is not simply about the goals achieved, the growth of the customer base, or the company’s ratings in the industry. It’s also vital to look inwards by measuring ...

News & Events Startup

Vat Bill In Nigeria

Many states in Nigeria may not be able to meet their financial commitments as the federal government could lose revenue from taxes amidst dwindling revenue in recent times with a court ruling assigning the coll...

Shortlet rise in Nigeria

The Rise Of The Short-let Business In Nigeria

Though they have been in existence in Nigeria since 2011, the not so popular short let apartment leveraged the COVID-19 lockdown, a period when most hotels were out of business and were forced to close their do...

Elvaridah Image
Business News & Events

Cbn’s Ban on the Bureau De Change Forex Supply

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has said it will no longer sell Foreign Exchange (Forex) to Bureau De Change (BDC) operators. Instead, the regulator said it will sell more dollars and other foreign currencies...

Jiji-Cars45 Elvaridah
Business News & Events Startup

Jiji acquires Cars45

Jiji, a Nigerian based online marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services in Africa, has announced the acquisition of cars45, a transactional car marketpl...