The Guerdon Company is a marketing company saddled with the responsibility of Marketing IT products and services to increase market adoption within Nigeria.

The Guerdon Company
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As the Chief Disruptor of The Guerdon Company, Ms. Amaka’s need was to build a team that possesses the skills and expertise to market solutions built by its clients to reach a wider number of people, which would invariably increase market adoption viz-a-viz the profitability of the company.

“Our aim is to have a consultant work with us to build a team that will deliver the results that we require by driving our clients products to the roots of the specified markets that result in a remarkably significant increase in their profitability”.

The Guerdon Company is a business that has found its niche in rendering marketing services specifically for technology companies who have their primary focus to be the development of specific products and services that improve the lives of people with the introduction of relevant technology.

“The Guerdon Company is a bespoke marketing company that delivers tailored marketing solutions for IT companies within it scope. The company hopes to expand to various locations and serve more IT firms existing within the country as well as those looking to expand its services into the country. With this in mind, it is important we have a strategic process for recruiting new sales merchants, train those currently existing and ensuring they constantly meet up with our standards as an organization” The Business Development manager emphasized.


The Principal Business Consultant at Elvaridah had a discovery meeting with the MD of the company to discuss its needs as well as understand the intending goals and objectives of the company.

We understood the needs of the company from the discovery meeting and started to develop what we term ‘Employable In-House Personnel Handbook’ which clearly defines the preferred roles, responsibilities, KPIs, appraisal formats and evaluation / assessment procedures for the identified staff.

“We found Elvaridah on Instagram and we were impressed with what we saw and decided to go ahead and engage their services towards building a team that will deliver results that our clients require for growth”.

To get started, we held an interview session with the already existing sales merchants to understand their skills as well as clearly see what they are lacking to guide our development of a manual for the team. We then built a bespoke training solution for the company after which we physically trained the team on key identified areas.

We also worked alongside the management team in recruiting new sales representatives for the team to ensure they had individuals from different geographical parts of the state to ensure they are able to create new markets for the assigned companies per region.

With this solution, we were able to work closely with the team to enhance their staff’s performance and productivity levels, which will invariably improve the profitability of their clients.


The Elvaridah team worked with The Guerdon Company to enhance its staff towards increasing their productivity and performance by physically training the team and developing manuals for new additions to the team to ensure they are able to meet up with set goals and objectives.


The deliverables were the employee handbook, manuals, KPI’s appraisal formats as well as training / induction process for the team.