As an indigenous skincare brand, Zandas cosmetics’ reputation thrives on their ability to manufacture skincare products suitable for the West African woman. In as much as the product market share was increasing, their internal processes were suffering due to the fact that the company lacked the right internal structure to promote growth and business sustainability, which increases profitability.

Zandas Beauty
Manufacturing Industry
Business Management, Business Structuring and Process Implementation


As the Managing Director at Zandas Cosmetics, Mr. Chris’s need was to run a company that would no longer revolve around him completely for its daily goals and objectives to be achieved.

“Our aim is that every process within our organization is documented and is not dependent on people but on the well-laid out processes that will in turn improve business execution which will inevitably increase output per individual and eventually profitability as a whole”.

Zandas not only has a large workforce but also has six active branches across Nigeria. The company’s manager who has been with the company for a decade was also clear about the fact that with the exponential growth the company has had, it requires a proper structure for its people and activities to flourish.

“Zandas is a domesticated company with a global vision. It has a vision to expand outside the shores of Nigeria and introduce products for new and already existing markets, and the only way this can happen within the required timeframe is to implement the right structure within the organization that will aid growth & improve productivity”.


The Principal Business Consultant at Elvaridah had a discovery meeting with the MD of the company to discuss its needs as well as understand the position of the company at the time.

We discovered that indeed the company was engaging in daily business activities, it required a built-in system that will allow for the business activities to be carried out independently of the MD who should focus on strategy, networking and relationship management.

“We came across your company online and discovered that you had a service that was just what we needed at this time to take us from running in circles, to running an actual business that has a growth plan and staff that not only come in to work daily but also produce results with the help of an effective system”.

Fortunately, Elvaridah has a service it renders, which would indeed solve their current issues, which is our Business Management Service. The Business Management service will allow us have access into the internal process of the company and then perform a gap-analysis on what is currently existing before building a new system that encompasses all that the company currently has and articulate where it is headed.

To get started, we deployed a Business Builder to their facility that focused on understanding their current operational model to ensure that all we were developing in-house was in line with their actual processes; and who was at the same time implementing the new changes we had developed. Having an in-house team member allowed us fully deploy this new structure seamlessly and also give us an opportunity to see the business from the staff’s perspective as well as determine their roles, reporting lines and procedures required for them to thrive.

With this solution, we were in control of the organization’s process for a period of three months to build the required structure and test these built structures by managing their business for that duration of time.


The Elvaridah team then worked with Zandas to integrate the new systems into their already existing business operations to improve what already existed as well as give the MD the ability to function in his own role without being bombarded with daily business operations.

The Elvaridah team documented the new business system and then revealed this to the rest of the management team after being signed off by the MD. We named the new structure ZANDASYS001 that documents all their processes, key functions and penalties and reward systems. The heads of departments were trained on these new systems to enable them train their subordinates to avoid over-dependency on the MD on business goals and objectives.

“I found the business relationship with Elvaridah to be a really positive one. One that was indeed beneficial to us. It certainly felt to me that my needs as an MD for the business were being listened to and I am indeed grateful,” concluded Chris.