As an American based Food Company, Meal2u was being set-up to provide Nigerians living in America with a wide-range of Nigerian style cooked meals at an affordable price with their user friendly e-commerce website.

Meal 2 U
Business Consultation & Advisory, Business Planning and Structuring.


As the CEO of MEAL2U, Mr. Deji’s need was to build a business that would cater to a particular niche within the Dallas province of Texas in the United States.

“Our aim is that our vision is clearly communicated and we are guided professionally towards taking the right steps as we launch this new business.  We require proper coatings are done to inform us on adequate pricing and shipping costs of our products and services”.

Meal 2 U although founded by two Nigerians, is a business that will cater to Nigerians and non-Nigerians within a particular province and its environs with an aim to ensure that younger and older generations have access to the Nigerian culture through its meals even though they are several miles apart”.

“Meal 2 U is a e-commerce based platform that offers a wide selection of food services from different parts of Nigeria to its customers. The company also offers delivery services across the country to individuals who purchase its products. Although the company is starting out as a food company, the long term vision is to expand to other services that may sprout from this business model”.


The Principal Business Consultant at Elvaridah had a discovery meeting with the MD of the company to discuss its needs as well as understand the intending goals and objectives of the company.

We quickly discovered the aim of the company as well as its vision and we commenced working to build a process that will be seamless for its e-commerce business model. We were also able to access the information we required for building the business plan to aid in decision-making and strategy formulation & implementation.

“We had used the services of Elvaridah when one of us still resided in Nigeria and even after relocating, we knew that in order to launch a successful business, we needed the services of Elvaridah. We required them to take the idea and execute tactically to reduce or totally eliminate wrong decision making and avoid unnecessary costs not in-line with our business execution plan”.

Based on an already existing business relationship, we knew the expectations the business owners had and were able to deliver beyond their desired expectations and give the business a smooth startup process that avoids hitches, is easily adaptable and produces sustainable consistent profit for the company.

To get started, we requested information from the founders to aid in our research for developing the business plan and other business documents for business commencement. A business builder was assigned to the project virtually to work closely with other third party vendors such as website developers, chefs, logistics companies etc. This allowed the founders have someone to always touch-base with regarding new developments and decisions being made by the company.

With this solution, we were in control of the organization’s process for a period of three months to build the required plans, structures and processes as well as test these built structures by managing their business for that duration of time.


The Elvaridah team worked with Meal 2 U to integrate the new systems into their new business model to ensure it is launched with the right structure and processes to achieve its set goals and objectives.

The deliverables were the business plan, strategy, structure document as well as implementable marketing and client acquisition strategies. We ensured all contractors signed off favorable terms for the business and the pricing against competitors in the market where within the recommended range to ensure the business attracts customers and is at the same time profitable.

“We were so thrilled to work with Elvaridah despite the time difference and distance, we were really impressed with their informed data regarding our market and the speed at which they delivered.  Their work was indeed valuable to us as a business and we are more confident to execute this business with the roadmap they have created for us. ” concluded Deji.