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Top IT Tools For Successful Remote Working

If you’re like many other business owners, you have probably had to go completely or partially remote due to the pandemic. Remote working comes with its set of peculiar challenges that require peculiar IT tools to enable you tackle those challenges and to gradually adjust to remote working and we’d be highlighting the top IT tools that will make remote working easier for you and employees.

Team Chat Apps: If you’ll be working remotely, you’ll need to be in constant communication with members of your staff and at the same time share documents seamlessly, With Team chat applications like Slack, communication is instant and on the spot. You can divide staff into different teams or communicate with them separately, you can also carry out audio and  video calls with the application.

Screen Sharing Software: Sometimes it is better to show than to tell and that is exactly what the screen sharing software enables you to do while communicating with your staff. With Screen Sharing Apps like TeamViewer, ScreenLap, CrankWheel etc. you can see the desktop files and apps your staff have open and you can also watch while they work on their computer.

Video Conferencing Apps: While working remotely, there will be times when a little facetime is required for important information to be passed across and for meetings, For this, A quick video call can be scheduled and made via Zoom, BlueJeans or Skype. The best thing about this is that meetings scheduled can be added to the mobile or desktop calendar and a reminder will be sent to all staff members when the time is set.

Cloud Storage Apps: Cloud Storage Apps that can be accessed remotely from any location is essential for remote collaboration. You can easily save files to a shared folder on Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and other workers will instantly have the latest changes.

Project Management Software: Jira, Trello or Airtable are great project management software that can be used when there are a lot of tasks that need to be managed remotely in specific order or workflows with complex time management needs.

Security Tools: Working remotely means that a lot of data and information is being shared and accessed remotely. With this in mind, extra caution has to be put in place to make sure that this data and information is handled safe. Security tools like file/disk encryption, online backup, password managers, two factor authentication (2FA) and VPN are necessary to ensure adequate security.




Remote working is here to stay it is paramount every business owner builds a system that ensures productivity and output from the team regardless of working location,

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