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Is It Possible To Relocate And Still Have A Functional Business In Nigeria?

It isn’t news that a lot of Nigerians have emigrated.

This year alone, the ‘japa’ trend has impacted a lot of businesses. It has even become a thing that if you haven’t emigrated, or you don’t have plans to do so, you’re not seen as a “serious” Nigerian.

Currently, the Nigerian dream is to have enough money to leave the country and relocate with your family. The irony of it all!

One thing a lot of people struggle with is how to relocate and still have a functional business in Nigeria.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to establish a business, here in Nigeria. If the business has been properly positioned and structured, is it possible to still have it working in Nigeria, even when you relocate?

Or, is it the wiser thing to leave it all behind after relocating?

Leaving a profitable business behind is possible.

However, there are certain factors to consider. In some cases, people choose to leave their businesses in the hands of family members or business partners while some shut down their businesses completely.

However, with the right structure, systems and processes, it is possible to leave a profitable business behind when you relocate.

To leave a successful business behind, you can either adopt the method of succession planning or ensure you have built the right systems and structures for the business.

Succession planning is essential to making a smooth transition to new ownership and management. It helps to protect the legacy of your business, maintain service for your community, build value for your business, provide financial security for your family and your stakeholders, prepare for the future and deal with unexpected events.

Systems, processes and structures are not enough without having the right people on board to further drive the vision. Getting the right employees on board ensures they contribute to the overall success of your business.

Most importantly, the people tasked with hiring these employees should be well-informed of the needs of the business.

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