Entrepreneurship can be lonely; but you are not alone

The one thing that aspiring entrepreneurs don't prepare for is the loneliness that can come with entrepreneurship. Reading this, you might not even realize that you are lonely or perhaps you have been able to learn how to overcome this loneliness. Working a 9-5 is very different from entrepreneurship because more often than not, there [...]

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Help!!! I have competition

Competition is not something a lot of people want to have. We all tend to prefer being by ourselves in whatever area of life we find ourselves. For example, no one wants to compete for the love of their spouse and interestingly, when a toddler has a sibling, they do not initially find that funny till [...]

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5 Steps to Define your Target Market

Running a business without a defined target audience is like setting up a stall in a crowded dark room. You know there are people around, people that would be interested in what you have to offer but they can’t see you and you can’t see them. So you end up shoving your pamphlet and giving [...]

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I always make it a point of duty to watch AY's blockbuster movies once they come out but this particular one stood out for me for so many reasons. While the movie was going on, I was able to write down a couple business lessons which would be useful to every potential and existing business [...]

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