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Microsoft To Acquire Speech Recognition Firm Naunce in a 19.7 Billion Dollar Deal!


Tech-Giants Microsoft, in its latest expansion move, has acquired Naunce Communications (renowned speech recognition software developers), for a whooping deal of $16 billion.

In a big announcement on Monday April 12 2021, its Chief Executive Officer announced that the company will also be paying off Nuance’s $3.7billion debt.

The Naunce acquisition represents Microsoft’s largest acquisition since it bought LinkedIn for more than $26 billion in 2016.

This is strategic in Microsoft’s recent bid to accelerate growth in healthcare and video gaming.

Nuance which derives profit  by selling tools for recognizing and transcribing speech in doctor office visits, customer-service calls and voicemails will now provide AI solutions and technology to  augment Microsoft’s cloud products for health care, which were launched last year.


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