Tales of the Nigerian Entrepreneur – Chapter 3 (Hi! I’m Charles the Software Engineer).

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Tales of the Nigerian Entrepreneur – Chapter 3 (Hi! I’m Charles the Software Engineer).

“Moving back to Nigeria was not the easiest decision I made because I was doing very well back in California as a Software engineer but people kept talking about the opportunities back home and how if I moved back I would be able to do more and impact more people at the same time.

Trust me, its not like I am the most generous person in the world or some very nice philanthropist but then I listened, packed up my things and came back home to Lagos, Nigeria”.

Welcome to this week’s tale which is all about Charles, the “Americanah” as we fondly call him who came back to Nigeria to start his business and make good “coins” in this part of the world.

Charles made a bold decision but there are certain things he did not consider before moving back:

  • What is the Nigerian market saying right now?
  • How soon can I break even?
  • How am I going to start and grow my business in Nigeria?

Anyway, let’s go back to Charles….

“I remember when I landed in Nigeria the airport definitely looked very different from when I can remember anyway, I thought to myself I am home!”

“I didn’t have any family per say here so I was going on this journey all by myself but I was definitely determined. Headed to my friends apartment and was able to settle in and get my own place and office space. Things were finally looking up as I had gotten some staff and clients were signing up with us I was making money but nothing comparable to the dollars I was making in America but progress is good right?”

Guess what worked for Charles, it’s actually a simple strategy – “He just got back”. It might seem very cliche but the Nigerian market is a very interesting one. When you move back from a foreign country, have good experience, have some money to set your self up and package your business and have the right accent to back it up, your business is halfway there.

After studying a lot of businesses, we realized this model has worked for a lot of businesses and is still working for them because people buy people, not products. Truth be told, you need to keep up build on the attention and patronage you are getting so you can get even more clients and effectively carve a niche for yourself.

“Wow, after a year I realized that I was doing better than those who had been in the industry longer than I had and it kind of baffled me. Could it be the experience I had or the exposure or the fact that I had an American accent “Chuckles” whatever the case maybe I was not ding badly at all”.

“Another thing i realized that worked in this part of the world is, perception and the networks you build. I reconnected with a lot of people I met in the States and those I went to elementary and high school with here. We hung out, took pictures for Instagram and Snapchat and almost like magic, I started getting popular. Don’t get me wrong, my work was actually good so it wasn’t all about the image but it did add up in the end”.

There you have it guys, Charles was successful but he needs to be consistent and persistent to keep it going because at the end of the day, when a new person comes to town they tend to forget about you right?

If you are looking to move back to Nigeria to start your business, talk to an expert (Elvaridah of course), weight your options and ensure you make the right decision before you put your two feet into the water to test the depth.

Well done Charles, anyone in the same boat, had a similar experience or want to add something? Don’t forget to drop your comments.

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