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Owning a business does not mean you will automatically profit or even make sales from goods and services.

If you do not adopt the right strategies and put the right processes in place, the set goals and objectives will most likely not be achieved.

In business consulting it is assumed you already own a business that requires  re-vamping, re-branding, expansion or direction  to ensure that the set goals and objectives are achieved.

For every service we render, there are outcomes which we drive to achieve. No matter the industry you are in, certain principles apply which would be tailored specifically for your business.

Why Consulting Service?

  • Do you own a Business that is not reaching its set goals?
  • Are you ready for your Business to profit?
  • Are you ready for your Business to profit?
  • Do you need new strategies and structures to meet your objectives?
  • Do you need to expand your team?

What we do

Do you have an idea you want to develop, a business you are about to start or an existing business that requires re-engineering?

We can assist you.

1-Hour Brainstorm Session

Are you facing challenges in one or more of the following areas of your business?


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2-Hour Social Media Development

Social media is vast and is constantly changing and expanding on a daily basis but there are certain


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3-Hour Business Planning

Starting a business is not a day’s job neither it is the job of one individual. Whether you are…


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One -On-One Consultation

This is a one-on-one consultation and we would work with you for a period of two-months (or more if..


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Employed Entrepreneur

Are part time entrepreneurs because you still have 9-5 jobs. If you are in this category, the main ..


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Funding & Financial Consultation

As a potential or an existing business owner, your finances play a major role in the stability of yo..


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“Thank you so much Elvaridah for helping me Build my Business. There is no way I could have achieved all this without your team”.

Ayomipo CEO Maraofey Homes Ltd

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