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Employee to Employer


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Product Description

Transitioning from ‘Employee’ to ‘Employer’ is a psychological move that needs to be properly strategized to ensure you do not make the wrong choices and end up regretting that move.

There are a couple of questions that need to be asked such as:

  • Is it time to move?
  • Do I have enough savings?
  • Is there a market for my product?
  • Do I have an exit strategy?
  • Do I have my business plan and goals for the business?
  • Have I established my purpose and long term goals?

This is a 7-Day course that is packed with so much including:

  • Business Plans
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Time Sheets
  • Action Plans
  • Product / Service Development
  • Preparation for funding etc

Take this course today and start your journey to FREEDOM.