1-Hour Brainstorm Session

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1-Hour Brainstorm Session


Product Description

Are you facing challenges in one or more of the following areas of your business?

a.     Developing your Idea;

b.     Structuring your Business;

c.     Building a Sales Funnel;

d.     Developing a new or existing product or service;

e.     Expanding your Business;

f.      Building your Personal Brand;

g.     Building a recognizable brand ;

h.     Getting it right with social media;

i.      Attracting Investors;

j.      General growth and expansion strategies.

In an hour, we would brainstorm and generally discuss these issues and be able to do the following:

a.     Define what exactly the challenge is;

b.     Understand where it originated from;

c.     Establish the desired outcomes;

d.     Build strategies to achieve the desired outcome;

e.     Set timelines and deadlines for results;

f.      Create a standard to measure results.


**Please note that the above are not static and will be adjusted based on the clients desired outcomes if required.