5 Tips for the Nigerian Entrepreneur

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5 Tips for the Nigerian Entrepreneur

Nigeria is an amazing country but not yet very tolerating for entrepreneurs and as a result, a lot of businesses end up crashing before they even come into existence.

Fortunately for us as a company, we have been privileged to meet with a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners as well as thoroughly study the Nigerian market and have been able to device these 5 tips that every Nigerian entrepreneur needs to succeed here.

  1. Plan: Its either you plan or you have automatically planned to fail. As a business owner / entrepreneur you need to plan your business as far ahead as 5-10 years. There needs to be a plan to  be worked towards. A common mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make is to plan for the moment without anticipating or planning for the future.

  2. Invest: Investing is not one of our common features and as such, a lot of us did not grow up with the habit of investing our money. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have some amount of money set aside which is accruing interest So, if you do not have an investment plan, start one now!

  3. Research: A lot of entrepreneurs / business owners consider research to be ‘boring’ but the thing is this, if you call research boring how do you want to get all the facts and figures you need to make decisions or plans for the future? Do your research so that you are not caught unawares.

  4. Network: “Your network determines your net-worth” you know what that means obviously. The people you hang around determine how much you have in your bank account. Hang around the right people, mingle, network and connect with them. Are you a part of Connect 360 Africa? Click Here to Join.

  5. Package: Finally my fellow Nigerian entrepreneurs, you need to PACKAGE yourself. Understand that you need to package yourself to be confident, appealing, trustworthy and relevant in your industry. 

    So there you have it people, these are tips for the Nigerian entrepreneur.

    Got some more tips? Let us know.

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