5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs & Business Owners make Every New Year

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5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs & Business Owners make Every New Year

The year is going by so fast already, I mean we are already on day 11 and there is definitely so much we all want to achieve this year but the question is what exactly are we doing about it?

The new year comes with a lot of resolutions, goals, aspirations, beliefs and conclusions but very few people get through to actualizing these amazing ideas.

Based on research, we have seen that there are a good number of reasons people do not achieve their set goals and objectives every new year.

We would talk about them briefly here so we can understand ourselves and the decisions we make a bit more.

The feeling goes away: Whenever there is a new month, birthday, new year or something new happening in your life the mind works in a new light basically very positive to ensure it gets around achieving new goals and objectives. The downside to this is that if the feeling goes away once you do not act on it immediately. This is why people believe writing goals are useless and they rather would not. It is awesome to write new goals but the thing is that you need to do something about those goals because writing goals doesn’t make you any different.

We realize they weren’t so important: When setting goals, you need to ensure that they are goals you actually care about and what to achieve not just for a moment but something that would actually change your life. This is another reason why people give up on their goals easily just because they didn’t really mean much to them. Take a look at your goals and ensure they are relevant enough to keep you going on  and on.

Day to day life takes over: During the holidays it  is easy to sit down and reflect because you have the time to think and make decisions but when the hustle and bustle begins how many people actually have the time to go back to their goals and analyze their set goals?  What you need to do is set time aside and review your goals and progress you are making to ensure you are not stagnant or giving up on yourself.

Lack of funds: Most times, setting goals are dependent on funds and when the money we need is not forth coming, we tend to give up. We have to ensure that we do not allow that to hinder us and make us give up on our goals. Remember, if one way doesn’t work we can try another right?

No plan / Strategy: This is the most important part, no execution plan or strategy. How do you actualize a goal without having a plan on how to go about it? This is why this month we are starting the Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs class starting on Monday the 15th and all you need to do is click here to sign up.

The time has come for you to stop setting foals and start actualizing them.

We are right behind you.

Let’s do this!

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