10 things your customers wish you knew about them

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10 things your customers wish you knew about them

How well do you know your customers? And how much are you doing to keep them?

There are more than these 10 things that your customer wants you to do but let’s start from here.

1. Customers value “good” service more than “fast” service: No doubt, customers want fast service but the thing is that first of all they want good service. Customers have said that rude, incompetent and rushed service is the #1 reason to abandon a brand.

2. Customers love Personalization: I mean who doesn’t like a little bit of personalization? It just means you took your time to think about me while getting my job done.

3. Customers will remember you if you can remember their name: This is funny, but according to recent research, few sounds are as pleasant as hearing our own names. Fact is, people are more attentive and interested when they hear their own name. So when you are sending mails or delivering packages just say their names and see all the difference it makes.

4. Give your customers a pleasant surprise: One of the most talked about customer experiences is a pleasant surprise. For example, free shipping, points, gifts etc.

5. Create goodwill with customers: Creating goodwill with customers has proven to be more about the act rather than the cost.

6. Customers will stick to your loyalty programs if you get them started: Customers are twice as likely to stay with loyalty programs if the programs appear to already be started and you are consistent and open to them about the process and what they get from it.

7. Customers love brand stories and selling through stories is effective: A well told story is one of the most persuasive forms of writing / speaking available. Stories have the ability to transport us to another place, allowing brands to leave powerful and lasting messages to customers.

8. If you are struggling to innovate, your customers are a great resource: Your customers are more than willing to give suggestions on your next product, software etc. They are also more than willing to fill out questionnaires and even test run your new product for free.

9. Selling time over money helps customers see the value of your brand: Most people see time spent as a better indicator of who they are vs. money spent on what they own.

10. If you bring up money, it makes customers more self-centered:When people are primed with images of money, they become more self interested and less willing to help others.

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